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Net Zero Analysis and HPE OEM Team UP!

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Here is a press release on our New Partnership   Net Zero Analysis and HPE OEM Partnership


Elmspring Accelerator Accepts Net Zero Analysis & Design Corp. to the 2017 Cohort

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Elmspring Accelerator Announces the First Five Startups Participating in
elmspring 2017
The first five companies invited to join elmspring 2017 have been announced. The session will
begin on June 26, 2017, welcoming a variety of real estate disruptors and solutions.
Chicago, IL (PRWEB) June 22, 2017 — The first five companies invited to join elmspring 2017 have been
announced. This premiere real estate accelerator supports technology startups through a robust network of real
estate and venture partners. The session will begin on June 26, 2017, welcoming a variety of real estate
disruptors and solutions.
Founded by real estate entrepreneurs Thomas Bretz and Adam Freeman, the elmspring accelerator is an
intensive, four-month program which includes educational and networking opportunities for the participants.
Each startup receives seed capital, access to elmspring’s impressive network of advisors and mentors, office
space at Chicago’s tech hub 1871 and a host of professional services and resources. They also participate in a
Rush Event, pitching to over 300 investors, customers, and partners.
“We are particularly excited about the 2017 class which expands real estate into IoT, airports as real estate, and
startups in the services industry looking to service developers and property owners alike. There’s never been a
better time to invest in tech, real estate and startups in Chicago!” says Board member and Founder, Tom Bretz.
From turnkey housekeeping and a Total Home Manager solution, to tech for the private flight industry,
elmspring is looking to invest and impact real estate in many ways. Some of these solutions, like streamlined
property tax and energy solutions are cutting costs as well as cutting edge.
“The elmspring class of 2017 includes an impressive list of companies looking to innovate. We look forward to
partnering and mentoring them to help exceed their professional expectations,” says elmspring Executive
Director Bob Gillespie.
Below is a brief introduction to the first five participating companies. More information will be released
regarding the final four participants.
The MINTE offers hotel-style housekeeping to residential high-rises allowing residents to book services online
via the app or by pressing a dash-like button on their way out the door. The MINTE uses a building-centric
model, assigning staff to specific buildings, to increase operational efficiency and improve marketing
Net Zero Analysis & Design Corp. developed an advanced Learning loT or lloT Clean Tech Platform with an
advanced loT Edge Computing Gateway. This platform is certified for Utility Energy Efficiency Rebate
Programs across the United States and covers Building and Process Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
Systems Improvement. It has also been approved for use in the Japanese, British Isles, European Union, and
Canadian markets.
ChartAir is a digital platform that takes the hassle out of gathering fee information for private aviation flight
planning. By making airport fees more visible across the United States, ChartAir, takes away the need to call
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each airport for fee information and improves flight coordination efficiency by giving pilots, businesses,
operators, and aviation software providers instant access to those fees.
Property Tax Detective Co. is a data analytics company that developed a cloud-based platform for analyzing
and appealing property taxes in the United States. Using this platform, individual homeowners, new home
buyers, and/or industry professionals can research, track, and analyze property taxes in minutes regardless of
where they care. Users can quickly analyze all available appeal avenues for any residential property,
dynamically evaluate property exemptions, find property tax refunds, and generate property tax reports for
individual appeals.
My Town HOA (MTH) targets busy professionals, independent seniors, realtors, home buyers/sellers, second
residence owners, and homeowners who want to off-load home maintenance and gain more time to enjoy their
lives and families. Their Total Home Manager provides home maintenance and repairs by vetted, trustworthy
service providers in the local community. Accessible by text, email, and phone, MTH also has a mobile
gateway that can generate a home maintenance diary for every customer with regular scheduling for key
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Contact Information
Kim Kleeman
elmspring accelerator
Online Web 2.0 Version
You can read the online version of this press release here.

Net Zero Analysis & Design Corp. Becomes a Carbon Credit Aggregator

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We are in the process of becoming a Carbon Credit Aggregator in the US, with concurrent certification in Asia and the EU.

This gives us the advantage to leveraging the energy savings for all of our clients that have our Utility Optimization Intelligence System installed realize additional income per building on top of the Energy Savings.

Winrock International is working with us to guide us through the process for additional information click Here

Contact us for more information at gds@netzeroanalysis.com


ACEEE in Clean Energy Incentive Plan Proposal

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EPA Urged to Level the Playing Field for Energy Efficiency in the Clean Power Plan

More Than 50 Groups Join ACEEE in Clean Energy Incentive Plan Proposal

Washington, D.C. (October 26, 2016): A diverse alliance is calling on the Environmental Protection Agency to expand incentives for energy efficiency in the Clean Power Plan. Led by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), it argues that energy efficiency should receive access to the same credits as renewable energy through the Clean Energy Incentive Program (CEIP). The CPP’s early-action program, as currently drafted, puts efficiency at a disadvantage.

“Recognizing the importance of the CEIP as an opportunity to spur early investment in low-cost emission reduction strategies, we recommend that the Renewable Energy Reserve (RER) be expanded to include energy efficiency policies and measures,” states the letter to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy. Signatories include a broad array of businesses, policymakers, localities, environmental groups, health advocates, and faith communities.

The CEIP rewards early investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects that serve low-income communities. It offers an extra incentive to renewable energy, and the alliance requests that the EPA also include energy efficiency in this pool of credits.

“Energy efficiency is generally the least-cost option for states looking to comply with the Clean Power Plan, but efficiency is not yet being fully considered as a strategy for the Clean Energy Incentive Plan,” said Steven Nadel, executive director, ACEEE. “The Environmental Protection Agency should expand the pool of credits available to renewable energy to also include energy efficiency, which would help control electric costs and keep money in the hands of communities.”

“The Clean Power Plan goes far beyond protecting our climate, because decreased air pollution will have powerful benefits for public health,” said Catherine Thomasson, MD, executive director of Physicians for Social Responsibility. “By encouraging energy efficiency, the Clean Energy Incentive Program will help decrease the power sector’s reliance on fossil fuels—which decreases the particulate matter, nitrogen oxides and other harmful air pollution created by burning fossil fuels.”

“Children and local communities are why, as Christians, we care about the Clean Power Plan,” said Reverend Mitchell C. Hescox, president/C.E.O. of The Evangelical Environmental Network. “We believe that a clean energy future, which includes expanding energy efficiency and cutting pollution, profoundly impacts human life.”

The proposal requests that EPA treat energy efficiency as equal to renewable energy in the CEIP. The exclusion of energy efficiency is a significant oversight that could cause states to opt for more expensive compliance options.

Reducing emissions through energy efficiency costs significantly less than other means. These savings get passed down to customers, resulting in local job creation and economic development. The EPA’s latest proposal for the CEIP is an important opportunity to ensure that states can reward investments in energy efficiency while getting credit for the pollution it avoids.

Simply put, ACEEE and partners are seeking to put energy efficiency on a level playing field with renewable energy. To read the letter, visit: http://aceee.org/regulatory-filing/ceip-letter-091516

About ACEEE: The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy acts as a catalyst to advance energy efficiency policies, programs, technologies, investments, and behaviors. For information about ACEEE and its programs, publications, and conferences, visit aceee.org

Net Zero Analysis & Design Corporation Joins DOE Residential Network

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Net Zero Analysis & Design Corporation has become a new member of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Better Buildings Residential Network, which connects energy efficiency programs and partners to share best practices and learn from one another to increase the number of homes that are energy efficient.


The Better Buildings Residential Network expands on the foundation of existing Better Buildings Residential programs and partners, which have invested more than $3 billion from federal funding and local resources to build more energy-efficient communities across the United States. These programs have saved Americans money, created jobs, and lowered greenhouse gas emissions.


DOE has expanded this network of residential energy efficiency programs and partners to new members. The new Better Buildings Residential Network is engaging energy efficiency programs, state and local governments, financial institutions, businesses, nonprofits, universities, utilities, and other organizations to accelerate the pace of home energy upgrades.


Members of the Better Buildings Residential Network include AFC First, Austin Energy, Clean Energy Durham, Clean Energy Works, City & County of Denver, Efficiency Maine, Efficiency First, Elevate Energy, Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance, Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, Michigan Saves, Neil Kelly Co., and the New York State Energy Research & Development Authority (NYSERDA).


Members benefit immediately by receiving access to monthly topical calls with their peers about residential energy efficiency strategies. Calls have discussed business partners and workforce development, marketing and outreach, evaluation and data collection, financing, moderate- and low-income markets, program sustainability and revenue streams, along with other topics based on member requests.


Additional member benefits include tools, templates, resources, and proven solutions shared by members, newsletter and other updates on residential energy efficiency trends, opportunities to be featured in DOE materials, and voluntary member initiatives that identify common challenges and opportunities and develop resources to address them.


Residential Network members provide DOE with an annual update of the number of residential energy efficiency upgrades completed in their sphere of influence, and share information about the benefits associated with them.


For more information, visit the Better Buildings Residential Network or email bbresidentialnetwork@ee.doe.gov.


Zero Net Energy Building Presentation

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This is a basic 101

Looking at Zero Net Energy Buildings it covers Passive House and all of the projects that are “Zero Energy Projects” and claim they meet the standard!!  Just the electrical grid has a factor of 3.4!!  so using this in the calculations all but a few projects could claim they are designed for the US and the electrical grid!!


Zero Net Energy Presentation

BizCast HQ Interview and Taping

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Have you “Heard about BizCast HQ?” they are interviewing leading Startup CEO’s in the Chicago, IL Market.

I have been selected for an interview and taping that will be on the BizCast HQ and Net Zero Analysis & Design websites

Net Zero Analysis & Design Corp is in the Clean Tech/IoT (Internet of Things) Space, I will post again once the interview is posted!!

Here is the BizCast HQ Site  http://bizcasthq.com/  If you are on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/bizcast-hq

Net Zero Analysis & Design Corp website is being reimaged by Luke Jones Designs,  Luke is busy with content ect.  The site is developing very nicely check out progress at  http://www.netzeroanalysis.com/

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